The Soccer World Cupstartsin Brazil andiscertainlythesportingevent of the year2014.Theperfect occasion forthe firstspecial editionof theFLOWARENA®- "edition14".

The"edition14"ismade inwell-known qualityexclusive materialsandis only available ina limited edition of100 pieces.Useyouradvantageand find outaboutthe special design model.

We will be happyto advise you personally for agameinour showroom. FLOWARENA® "edition14"forkickersat the highest level-perfectlysuitable forWorld Cup2014.

FLOWARENA-Edition-14-Cube  FLOWARENA-Edition-14-Tube 

Model CUBE:

  • corpus laminate matt white (similar to RAL 9016)
  • side panel laminate anthracite matt
  • height-adjustable base feet | (not visible)
  • flat plastic counter massive
  • pitch gang laminate anthracite matt
  • field digital printing anthracite matt, white lines
  • ball return on the side
€ 7.200,- inclusive tax (plus delivery)

Model TUBE:

  • corpus matt laquer white RAL 9016
  • side panel laminate anthracite matt
  • socket laminate anthracite matt with adjutable feet
  • flat plastic counter massive
  • pitch gang laminate anthracite matt
  • field digital printing anthracite matt, white lines
  • ball return on the side
€ 10.900,- inclusive tax (plus delivery)


//  24.10.2013 - FLOWARENA® at ASIA - Shopping Night



//  08.04.2013 - FLOWARENA® Vintage - new LOOK

Now - it´s time for the new FLOWARENA® Mod. TUBE | Vintage.




//  09.10.2012 - FLOWARENA® provides variety


A tough match against the FCN - result is a draw ... read more


//  17.September 2012 - the new building of the "1. FC Nuremberg" opens ... FLOWARENA® is thereby

The FLOW ARENA ® is in the middle of the action and carries its part to the necessary variety.


design-kicker01 design-kicker02 design-kicker03 design-kicker03  


//  june 2012 - European championship 2012

In the VIP section of DFB the FLOWARENA ® is also thereby in Gdansk.

design-kicker01 EM 2012 design-kicker02 EM 2012 design-kicker03 EM 2012 design-kicker04 EM 2012 design-kicker05 EM 2012


//  may 2012 - FLOWARENA® at the DFB cup final in Berlin

Here some impressions of the DFB Cup final 2012. Read more ... 

design-kicker01 design-kicker02 design-kicker03    


//  may 2012 - FLOWARENA® moves

The design foosball table is changing the location ... now the FLOWARENA® is at "BADMANUFAKTUR FREI".
"nordring 69, 90409 nuremberg".



//  april 2012 - FLOWARENA® goes to the finals 2012

Currently, a design foosball table is built for the VIP area of the DFB (in order of the company GORGES tent event ...)
Here is a first impression - more shortly!








//  Januar 2012 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

FLOWARENA likes to say "thank you" for the success in 2011 and wishes a happy new year 2012 ...


//  July 2011 - FLOWARENA® coming soon...

next we will upgrade our collection


//  May 2011 - FLOWARENA® digital

another highlight ist the new multi-touch-panel (in cooperation with expectare).
see more ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hmojf5MEc4M


//  16.02.2011 - Die FLOWARENA® now in nuremberg

The FLOWARENA® can now be found on the corner of Bayern-/Seume street

Directly at Dutzenteich behind restaurant Gutmann. Please feel free to come by and test the table for yourself!

design-kicker01 design-kicker02 design-kicker03 design-kicker04    


// 09.06.2010 - FLOWARENA® comes to eckental

The designer foosball table can now be viewed in our partner companies, B-FLOW, new show room in Eckental.... >> more

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